All About Personal Injury And Personal Injury Lawyers

injured personIf you just suffered from physical injury or emotional distress, you should know that there are many remedies for you under the law. But if you are like most people, you are probably wondering how a personal injury case works.

Well, it all starts with you reaching out to a personal injury lawyer to help you with your case. Do not worry because if you live in a large city, you will have many choices that you can choose from. Choose a lawyer and consult with him about your case. Hopefully, the attorney you hire is experienced enough to know if your case has enough merit to warrant a claim at your first meeting. If you feel that the lawyer you are talking to won’t be able to help you, then feel free to talk to other lawyers.

When you talk to a lawyer, make sure to bring your supporting documents as well as notes that might help you remember specific facts pertaining to the accident that caused the injury or distress. Once everything is in order, your lawyer will then proceed to send a claim to the other party that caused damage to you. Claims usually ask for certain amounts of money under threat of court litigation.

If the other party has insurance, a claim will then be filed with the insurer. But without insurance, you can opt to file a case in court. Most courts, though, would prefer that you settle the case out of court because it saves time and money, however, if a settlement cannot be reached, then prepare to litigate and to pay your lawyer more fees.

How much do legal fees cost? That really depends on the lawyer you hire, some charge an hourly fee of over $100 while others charge less.